AndyC171, Planet of the Vapes Forum - 21st May 2013

Ok, I decided last week, that I would like to purchase an item of clothing for the upcoming Vapefest, that supported the forum and showed that I was member. Upon looking in the marketplace, I decided the best value for money option was a hoody, but wanted to see if I could get it personalised. I therefore contacted the vendor and asked if it was possible to do the following: -

1 x Arm Monkey
Forum Name on the front
Logo on the back.

I messaged @D-Alien to see if this was possible at 17:37 on Thursday via his website.

Response back at 18:04, stating that yes it was and would only be an additional 3! Bargain, so of I went to order it. I encountered an issue, where I could not increase the value of the item through the marketplace to cover the additional cost.

A quick PM to @ZT at approx 9AM on Friday, resulted in it being ordered at 13:27 on Friday, now it would of been at least 2 hours earlier if I had not had to go out

Confirmation message from D-Alien at 16:30 confirming where I wanted the forum name located, and all was good.

Message yesterday at 16:00 stating that it had been despatched, and received today at 13:11!!!

Service from start to finish was hassle free, easy and considering I had changed it from standard, and was the first person to do so, this was awesome.

So imagine my surprise when I open the parcel to see the quality that was sat there in front of me: -

The material is really soft, and is of excellent quality. I have much more expensive hoodies than this, which are nowhere near this quality. It is quite a thin material for a hoodie, but seeing as I want it for the middle of August, I wouldnt want it thicker, and there is enough room under it, to put an additional layer of clothing on in the Winter, so a good all round hoody, for Summer or Winter

I was also surprised to see that both arms contained the logos, and have to also point out, that everything is 100% level, and the transfers are of top quality. So I am really impressed with the quality as well as the service: -

I am so impressed with this, that I will be getting a T-Shirt as well, just so if we do hit a heatwave in August, I can wear that, but if its chilly, I can wear both

I will also point out, that I will be ignoring all the advice on the washing label, as with all transfers, they have to be handled delicately, so will always be washed separately on a cold wash, and allowed to dry naturally.

So in summary, get one, you wont be disappointed, and thank you to both the marketplace and D-Alien for an excellent and hassle free transaction

Rachel Spencer - 8th december 2009
I orderd some kids t-shirts from here and I when I got them I was very impressed.
I want to say a big big thank you to the maker
I think he has this gift of knowin what style people really like thanks again.

Nausheen Khalid - 8th December 2009
Juzt thougt 2 leave a comment abt da candle dat i got gifted by Sunnia, it's just sooo good,
it has got everytin on it in a very professional way.
Cant get dis sort candle any where else, am definatley goin 2 place an order soon 4 my frens.

Darryl Mann - December 1st 2009
...well i gotta say i visited DCGD's earlier and some of the stuff they're coming out with is interestingly impressive.
im on a thought mission now to see what they can do for me if i give them what they need.
thanks DCGD's!.
cool stuff you do. amazing to watch!.

will be in touch very soon.

Sunyaa Sajid - December 1st 2009
Just to say thank you for sorting my order out in such sort notice.
Very fast turnaround.
Will be definitely placing some orders with u next time. : )

Alison Gurkin - November 24th 2009
The banner is up on school fence looks fantastic!
Hoping church will put the other up in time for pick up today.
Thank you so much every-one who has seen them thinks they are great.
Alison Gurkin

John Tovey - September 6th 2009
Fantastic job with the mugs, t-shirts and sweatshirts - Thankyou very much for a job well done

John Tovey - April 14th 2009
I have heard many good things about this company.
I will do business with them

Darryl Mann - July 2nd 2008
About to put them to the test.
From what i have heard and seen, they're brilliant at what they do.
lovely, friendly, helpful staff!.
thank you.

Lyle Kent - May 18th 2008
A very professional site, with friendly and helpful staff, excellent quality gear too.

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