Instructions for applying vinyl decals and lettering

For best results when Appling vinyl

First make sure the surface is clean, dry and not greasy.

Position the complete vinyl sheet.

Measure and make sure the position is accurate.

Use Masking tape to mark the desired position of the Lettering Peel off the vinyl carrier sheet to expose the sticky side of the lettering

Note: that the vinyl lettering will adhere to the application tape

Hold the application tape with the vinyl image so that it is suspended slightly off the intended surface.

Pull the application tape taut so that the graphics will burnish onto the surface smoothly.

Starting at one end, begin to burnish down the vinyl image with a smooth flat edge.

Apply pressure to evenly force the air from beneath the vinyl image.

Work your way to the other edge of the application tape. Be sure to burnish every area of the graphic

When it has all been burnished, burnish again, applying more pressure over the entire area.

Then starting at one corner carefully peel away the application tape, pulling slowly at an angle.

For a perfect job

If you want to ensure the vinyl image is solidly adhered to the surface, cover it with the redundant carrier sheet, shiny side facing out and burnish your graphic again. Any trapped air bubbles should be worked to the edges and away, any that can't be pushed out, just pop with a pin, or the point of your scalpel and re-burnish